Backup And Disaster Recovery

Managed IT Services – shadowReserve


Offload your IT responsibilities to GSpeed CS engineers and free up time to put towards growth and innovation.

Did you back up last night? Are you sure?


Backup complacency. It happens. You decide to skip one or two cycles. Maybe it takes too long. Or you’ve got it set on automatic, and you are pretty sure you are capturing everything. But then someone comes looking for a lost file or your system decides to go on vacation. UH-OH.


shadowReserve streamlines backups, secures files and applications, and restores data after a failure event to get you back in business, often without missing a beat. We make sure you’ve got what you need, 24x7x365.


Leave it up to chance. Or leave it to shadowReserve

GSpeed CS Managed Backup shadowReserve benefit your organization by:

File and complete system restoration - In the event of a server failure, our engineers can quickly power up a virtual server as an interim while the primary server is being repaired or replaced, assuring business continuity. Recover individual files efficiently, often within seconds.

Shortened backup time - Slow backups waste resources and energy. shadowReserve‘s de-duplication strategies streamline data protection cycles and utilize proper bandwidth

RPO and RTO implementation - Satisfy recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives with flexible data retention capabilities.

Pre-dawn Review - Every morning, while most of the world sleeps, your backups will be inspected thoroughly for anything that is arwy. We’ll address any red flags and get your backup back in working order, often before you start your day.

Peace of Mind - Backing up isn’t the most attention-grabbing activity, but it is critical. If something is lost, the heat is on you. Better turn to the shadowReserve specialists.