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Computer Training

We have built a strong practice advising start-ups and other companies on the pre-deployment planning, licensing, deployment, training and ongoing support for Microsoft Office 365. If you are interested in learning more about our computer training courses, please feel free to contact us with your questions.

Our computer training courses are flexible and available to everyone including corporations, government entities, and individuals who are interested in jumpstarting their career. At GSpeedCS, our Learning Advisors are available to answer your questions and to help you find out which of our many computer training options is right for you.

Contact a Learning Advisor if you are interested in learning more about how our computer classes can meet your needs.

Do you have only a few colleagues who need computer training?

If so, then our open enrollment computer training schedule is best for you. With these computer training courses, individuals and organizations can choose from a wide variety of classes covering the latest technologies.

Are you a small, medium, or large company with a group of employees in need of training?

For companies with a localized or centralized group of employees who require computer training, GSpeedCS offers private, dedicated computer training courses. These computer classes can be provided  at your preferred training location. For our private computer classes your company or organization can select standard training courses from our course outlines or you can work with a Learning Advisor to develop a customized course to suit your needs.

Do you have employees scattered across multiple cities who require computer training?

If you have a large number of employees located around the state or country, we understand that it can be a difficult and costly process to coordinate centralized computer training for all of these employees. For these situations, our live Instructor-Led training classes offered via our Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT) Distance Learning Option is an ideal way to deliver our computer training classes. In addition, we also offer eLearning courses which employees can watch online anytime from anywhere. Either of these online computer training options can be customized to meet the needs of your organization.

Computer Training Services

Our computer training courses include a wide variety of computer classes to meet the needs of individuals and organizations. These computer classes range from one-day Microsoft Office training courses to week long courses and boot camps. Our computer training courses help students and professionals to develop new skills and to improve existing skills.

Our available computer training services include:

Microsoft Certification Training

•    Taught by Microsoft Certified instructors for individuals hoping to achieve Microsoft Certifications and for IT professionals such as developers, programmers, and technicians, interested in further advancing and developing their skills.

Technical Training

•    To help individuals and organizations to improve their IT departments’ efficiency while applying the most up-to-date techniques and skills.

Desktop Application Training

•     To help individuals and professionals who want to improve their abilities in Microsoft Office programs and to help organizations improve employee productivity.