IT Design & Build Services

IT Design & Build Services

GSpeedCS can help move existing IT infrastructure to a new facility, or help plan and manage new IT infrastructure deployments. GSpeedCS’s build and design services ease the stress associated with new construction and gives you IT peace of mind.

Summary of our IT Design & Build Services:

•    Single point of contact for all technology needs

•    Regular conference calls with key players

•    Onsite meetings when needed

•    Liaison between owners and vendors to ensure the proper technical solutions are being purchased.

•    Product comparisons from IT perspective

•    Consultation with the owners regarding technology plans to ensure IT investments are leveraged to the fullest extent.

•     RFP development and oversight of bid process for IT solutions.

•     Review vendor proposals ensuring they meet the agreed upon solution and pricing

•     Design, Procurement, and Implementation of IT hardware and software needs

•     Work closely with other technology vendors to ensure the proper equipment is supplied based on their hardware/software requirements.

•      Research and recommendation of optimal solutions

Coordination with vendors for such things as:

•      Integration of all onsite technology

•      Internet  circuit research, recommendations, and turn up

•      Technician(s) onsite for installations and roll-outs

Review blueprints to ensure correct placement of the following cabling needs:

•        Internet

•        Phones

•       Visual displays

•       Wireless Access Points

•       Systems Management

•       Design of Network Infrastructure for the above systems

•       Assist with project budgeting and on-going support budgeting

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