Office Relocation Services

Moving or Opening a new office?

GSpeedCS’s onsite engineers are available to assist with every aspect of your corporate relocation. We understand how to help companies set-up and open their new offices on time. From our experience working with movers, office managers, property management and real estate brokerage firms, we have developed a move checklist that explores every consideration of your move in regards to infrastructure.

Many moving companies won’t disassemble/assemble the computers, servers and network devices for liability reasons. While they will physically move the materials, moving companies often require an IT professional to carefully handle the infrastructure. We can take care of not only the break down/set up of all devices, but also reconfiguring your machines, setting up new desktops if you’re adding users, and connecting to the network. GSpeedCS’s professional engineers will make sure you’re up and running by the time your users come back into the office, making the transition as seamless as possible.

We’ll work closely with your mover, Internet provider, phone company, and vendors to set project time lines and coordinate all parties to keep move dates on schedule. GSpeedCS also consults in terms of existing infrastructure, evaluates what must be added and/or updated, and offers cost-effective recommendations for how to use this opportunity to optimize your network.

IT is a critical part of your move and it takes professionals who know what they’re doing to make sure everything goes as planned and mistakes don’t happen. If it’s not planned and executed correctly, your network could be down for hours or even days. Why not leave the most important component of your move in the hands of experienced engineers?

Let GSpeedCS be your technical partner throughout your move to ensure a smooth transition, prevent unnecessary delays and minimize the impact to your employees.

GSpeedCS’s Corporate Relocation Assistance is an invaluable resource for companies on the move!