Structured Cabling

Cabling is the lifeline of your IT network, transmitting the voice, data, and video signals you depend on each day for your critical business activities. Your cabling system may be the smallest part of your network investment, but as the network component with the longest life cycle, it can deliver significant, long-lasting benefits.

Structured CablingA properly designed, installed, and administered structured cabling solution will:

Drive down costs for relocations, changes, and upgrades

    Potential savings on materials and labor range from 25 to 40 percent in common estimates.

Enhance your business flexibility

    You can relocate and add users quickly and easily, simplifying and accelerating the moves and rearrangements your business demands.

Minimize downtime

    Fast, efficient moves, changes, and upgrades keep workflow disruptions and network downtime to a minimum.

Future-proof your network

    Designed to accommodate current and future technologies, a structured cabling system can ensure application support for the full extent of its life cycle, which is typically 25 years.

Improve performance

    You can optimize your network with a structured cabling system that increases resilience and throughput.

Simplify troubleshooting

    A structured wiring system makes network issues easier to diagnose, isolate, and fix.

Expert, end-to-end solutions from GSpeed Computer Systems

GSpeedCS  is uniquely qualified to deliver a structured cabling solution that will provide enduring business value to your enterprise.